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Who we are

The company was formed by a group of professionals with different industry work experiences living in a small town of Siegelbach in the city of Kaiserslautern, Germany. Among the two Filipino born German national, one is highly skilled in Information Technology (IT), Engineering and Robotics and a Filipino born American national highly skilled in Management and a Certified Financial Manager. These individuals are highly regarded in their field with numerous awards between them.

The idea behind the company was to combine German ingenuity and innovation with Filipino motivation and hard work, coupled with American strategic planning and analysis to create a robust team that can rival any international company. Currently, the Philippines is known as the exporter of manpower to other countries. The company's intent is to promote the Philippines as one of the best IT destinations in the world by showcasing the Filipino's knowledge in programming and the quality of product produced.

Our employees have pushed the boundaries by embracing change, developed and improved our automation system which increase customer's productivity and revenue. We have a balance model which gives the flexibility to stay agile and maintain an intimate understanding of our customer's needs.


Honesty, Transparency and Having Strong Moral Principles


Dependability on Life Cycle Management of Product and Service


Dedication to Our Work and Clients

Delivers Effective and Efficient Services

MNLeistung is an Information Technology (IT) company that delivers positive and effective change. A company that leverages its Engineers, IT professionals and training with industry leaders applying best practices that keeps the company highly competitive.

The idea behind the German company name "MNLeistung" is derived from MN stands for Man and Leistung stands for power, service and performance.

Since MNLeistung's headquarters is in Manila, the Management use "MNL" as a short name for the company which is coincidentally the airport code of Manila.


MNLeistung sets itself apart from the competition by providing impeccable customer service, in house developed user-friendly software and provide the best possible system solution that meets and/or exceeds customer's needs.


To inspire, innovate and implement the best possible systems solution in a fast-changing environment.


  • Compassion - listen, understand and do our best to provide the required assistance.
  • Innovation - adventurous, creative and thinking outside the box.
  • Continues Improvement - embracing change and relentless pursuit of excellence.
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