Application Store/Application Launcher (eiFAM)

eiFAM is MNLeistung’s in-house developed software application store or application launcher that can be accessed on the user’s desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. These applications are scheduled to be released and made available to businesses and general public.

Procurement Management
System (eiBUY)

eiBUY is a seamless purchase requisition system approach to managing and optimizing organization purchases and expenditures. It involves the acquisition of quality goods and services from verified partner vendors. Our clients can take advantage of using our list of partner vendor and the negotiated price of goods and services. This partnership ensures that our clients are receiving what they have ordered within their budget and receive their request in a timely manner.

Inventory & Logistics Management System (eiLOG)

eiLOG improves the organization in managing its people activities, information, and resources involved in the physical flow of products from supplier to the end user. Our clients are able to process and track goods throughout the entire supply chain from receiving the goods to the distribution to the end user. The intent of the system is to streamline the process of managing the inventory processes to include tracking equipment, vehicle, scheduling of maintenance and management scheduling.

Customer and Employee Relations Management System (eiCÆR)

eiCÆR allows our clients to focus on their company’s relationship with customers, colleagues and suppliers. Our system helps companies to be effective and efficient, ultimately increases sales, reduces marketing cost and improve service management.

Property/Building Management System (eiHOM)

eiHOM is an automated property management system that provides information on specific building such available room, size of room, price of the room and location within the building. This program has a built-in billing and collection function.

Management System (eiMAN)

eiMAN an automated task management tool that elevates teamwork and collaboration. Its flexible dashboard that ensure transparency and that everyone on the team are aware on all projects and at what stage in the process. It is an online tool that runs in any standard web-browser. eiMAN was created for companies that are looking for a smarter, more efficient workflow.

Mind Mapping (eiMAP)

A tool designed to empower employees in exchanging ideas, brainstorming or online collaboration that helps encourage creativity and out of the box thinking.

Financial Operation System (eiFOS)

eiFOS is an automated financial system that accurately and efficiently track financial information by assisting in maximizing profitability and reducing overhead expenses. eiFOS can allow companies to quickly assemble financial statements and balance sheets, which not only eliminates lengthy manual processes but also provides the necessary data to make important business decisions. More timely information can be produced automatically, and reports can be generated for management.

Human Resource Information System (eiRIS)

eiRIS allows our clients to plan its human resource cost (salary automated processing, time and attendance) more effectively, as well as to manage and control without allocating extra resources. It’s an effective system that reduces cost and increase productivity. A user-friendly software that can easily be access via internet. The intent is to give personnel the ability and responsibility in planning their leave and manage their time and attendance.

Technology Enterprise Supply System (eiTES)

eiTES is an E-Commerce platform created by MNLeistung that’s intended to support disenfranchised companies or small businesses to help reach their target audience and give companies the opportunity in increasing clients and market shares.

Healthcare Information Management System (eiMED)

eiMED automates the hospital's work and optimizes the utilization of resources instead of only the storage and presentation of the information. It balances the occupancy rates and calculates the number of required employees. Automation helps in managing the general process, deals with the different healthcare services and equipment providers on its own, analyzes and sends notifications to the user.

Electronic Medical Record (eiDOC)

MNLeistung’s answer to the shortage of medical software and applications in the Philippines. MNLeistung is working on an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system that will provide substantial benefit to physicians and the medical community. EMR will automate the management and gathering of health record information on individuals such as patient treatment history. It allows clinicians to track data overtime, easily identify how their patients are doing and monitor and improve overall quality of care within the practice. Is an Electronic Library created as a database for the eiBID and eiMAN programs to access, learn from, and to accurately calculate estimates and materials required to complete a specific project.

Electronic Medical Record (eiDOC)-Capabilities and Functions:

  • Patient Management
  • Appointment Management
  • Insurance Management
  • Laboratory Management
  • Radiology Management
  • Medicine Management
  • Reporting Management

Consulting (eiTEC)

MNLeistung’s team of experts evaluate a company’s business processes and provide the best Information Technology (IT) infrastructure and systems requirement to ensure the company meet the client’s business objectives.

MNLeistung can analyze and diagnose companies with existing IT infrastructure, understanding a client’s business need, designing and implementing an improve technology solution.

Bidding and Analytics Management System (eiBID)

eiBID is a Bidding and Analytics Management Systems that was created to simplify and automate the estimation in the bidding process by providing detailed and accurate information that assist management in the decision-making process.

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